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The President's Club

Ongoing reinforcement sales training and coaching for selling professionals.... | More

Sales Strategies for Non-Selling Professionals

Professionals can utilize a proven - yet refined - approach to growing their client base.... | More

Pro Summit®

This comprehensive and highly flexible modular sales training program can be tailored to meet the varied and specific needs... | More

Professionally Targeting Referrals (PTR)

Could you be enjoying the benefits of achieving your sales goals more easy and comfortably if the right people were introducing you to the right new clients?... | More

Corporate Training Program

Courseware and training are tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, current sales climate, goals and corporate objectives... | More

Strategic Sales Management

For Sales Management Executives who direct, motivate and teach others to sell | More



Training...Designed to Fit Your Needs

Programs for Presidents, Owners, Sales Managers, Sales People and Non-Selling Professionals

We recognize each individual or organization's needs may be different. Which is precisely why we offer many different approaches for developing the right training program content and structure for presidents, owners, sales managers and sales people, even non-selling professionals who need to build a client base for their professional services.

We're not about full day motivational pep talks with little substance or topical retention. Peak Performance Management believes in ongoing reinforcement training and coaching. We focus on the buyer's behaviors and attitudes, which are subtle yet vital components in the selling process. It's where you take control.

These philosophies and the way we deliver them are the keys to our success and yours. Take a moment to review our program offerings and select the one that best suits your individual or organizational needs.

The President's Club

For Selling Professionals

Choose Your Own Challenges! Take Your Career to a New Level...Join the Club

President's Club is a comprehensive approach to sales training that offers you more than 15 hours of classroom sessions each month, including a combination of workshop training and problem-solving clinics. Come as often as you need. Your President's Club membership is a dynamic, ongoing learning experience comprised of mutual support and personal coaching. The Club provides a safe environment in which to build your skills, ask "real world" questions and face your toughest sales problems.

The President's Club is structured to meet each member's individual needs; everyone doesn't have to 'start' and 'finish' at the same time. You work at your own pace to master your own selling challenges.

Sales Strategies for Non-Selling Professionals

For Non-Selling Professionals

Non-Selling Pros "Sell"! It doesn't Have to be a Four-Letter Word

"Sell" is not a negative word, and "Selling" is certainly a positive activity...especially if you're a professional working to build a thriving client base. Sales Strategies for Non-Selling Professionals offers a program specially designed for consultants, attorneys, engineers, accountants, architects and other professionals who have to sell themselves, their ideas and their services. This course demonstrates that selling is an accepted and necessary part of today's competitive marketplace and shows you how to create more selling opportunities and maximize them.

The program combines interactive, participatory classroom training, follow up reinforcement and a workbook and tape set that you can refer back to when you need a refresher. Learn to take control without offending, avoid unpaid consulting, become more comfortable discussing money issues and develop other skills and knowledge that will help you expand and leverage relationships, making you an even more successful selling professional.

Pro Summit®

For On-Site Corporate Sales Team Training

Climb the Heights You Never Dreamed Possible

Sales managers work to create long term, sustainable sales growth for the organization through your sales force. Pro Summit® helps you identify the old sales habits and approaches, which are holding your organization back. Then Pro Summit® teaches your sales people how to take charge of the selling process and deal from strength as they nail down commitments with powerful up-front verbal "contracts".

Participants will also learn to:

  • Understand the philosophy of finding buyer "pain"
  • Eliminate "think it overs"
  • Shorten the sales cycles
  • Develop internal motivation drivers

Pro Summit® replaces quick fix, high priced motivational speakers who fly into town to "pump your people up". This program separates itself from the crowd by combining the long-term client involvement and ongoing reinforcement training other sales training programs lack.

This comprehensive and highly flexible modular sales training program can be tailored to meet te varied and specific needs of firms at all stages of development. Ideal for teams of 5 or more sales people.

Professionally Targeting Referrals (PTR)

For Those Focusing On Referral Building

Strategies and Secrets

Professionally Targeting Referrals was developed by professionals who see the value of developing new business through referrals. It applies the principals of goal setting to the process of getting strong referrals - without risking important relationships.

As a result of this training, you will be able to:

  • Save time by working referrals versus developing new business directly
  • Develop confidence in your ability to communicate effectively with referrers
  • Inspire others to refer to you
  • Create appropriate, motivating benefits so that referrers are happy to use their time and influence to help you

The process will help you develop a description of your ideal prospect and identify people who might refer them. You will develop a real commitment to targeting, planning and acting to get qualified referrals you can sell.

Corporate Training Program

For Specific Corporate Sales Training Needs

Training Corporate Culture

Today's trend in corporate America is downsizing in-house training staffs to cut costs. You and your sales people suffer.

The Corporate Training Program, from Peak Performance Management, is designed to be totally flexible and includes customizing and developing training manuals to accommodate your unique training requirements.

If your company prefers a training program of very specific, targeted issue workshops, then our Corporate Training Program may be your solution.

Custom materials, even scheduling, will be coordinated to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective training venue for your organization.

Corporate Training facilitates organizational synergies and helps end the "lone wolf" syndrome. Their personal sales experiences can be easily related to their current sales situation as well as their specific business requirements and industry profile.



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